Testimony by
Pastor Francisco "Jun" Romawac Jr.

This past month was very different and difficult for us. We experienced the super typhoon Yolanda which brought widespread misery and destruction to the people of Eastern Visayas. But we still praise His holy name! In spite of what happened, my wife Nel and I maintained our joy by adopting God's perspective regarding this trial. We yield to the working of His Holy Spirit in our lives so that these difficulties will not overwhelm us.

We gathered together to praise and thank God for sparing us from any harm. We offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God specifically for extending our lives. I cannot explain the damage that was done nor the fear and trauma brought about by such a storm.

My wife Nel who was in Leyte at the time was literally in the centre of the storm, with the strong winds slapping her in the face and the heavy downpour of the rain. She survived by climbing to the top of the wall of her auntie's house - the other walls were ruined and there was no longer any roof overhead. When she looked around, all she could see was the rapidly rising waters. Houses were destroyed and the trees were no longer standing erect. Our house, including our personal belongings, is gone. One of Nel's nephews and a niece died in the storm.

I was in the church building with my sister, Vanessa and another family who had fled there for safety. We stayed in the bathroom as the walls swayed. Not only was the parsonage destroyed, but the church was too - all that was left was the flooring and the canopy. The homes of our church members and their personal belongings were also gone, including their livelihoods. Please pray for strength and comfort for all of us.

Right now we are sleeping in my father-in-law's house - half of his house remained standing. In spite of all that happened, we are thankful God preserved His people. Praise be to God!


Typhoon Yolanda hit our mission work in Lawaan in the eastern part of Samar. I saw with my own eyes branches lying and one lifting the roof and making a big hole. The coconut tree was uprooted and hit the side of our church.

One family brought their children to the church for shelter.

This storm was the strongest we have ever experienced in this place. The roofs are totally gone, agriculture was totally destroyed.

When the storm hit, my wife and I were in separate places. Of course, we were worried about one another. But by the mercies of God she was okay.

Houses were destroyed, our personal belongings, is gone.

I thank the Lord because after the typhoon, people realized they need a Savior and hope. This is a great opportunity and privilege for me to share the hope that is in Christ alone.