Volume 39
5 January 2014

Issue No. 1

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The church renovation:
We are waiting to meet up with the architect and officials from URA to discuss on what we can do for our church renovation since receiving the letter from URA on 21st November 2013. Please pray for the meeting. We also want to make Grace church an elder-friendly church in an aging population.

In the light of this matter, we may need to consider how our church can be involved in social work within our neighbourhood too (Gal. 6: 10). I think it would give us some prominence with our neighbours and the Government. Session will have to look into this matter. If you have any suggestion please come and talk to anyone in the Church Session. Pray concerning this matter.

The structural engineer came by to inspect Grace church last week as a requirement from Building Control Authority (BCA) and found some cracks in the retaining wall at the front of our church. We may have to get this fix up soon. The main structure of the building is safe.

Let us pray for constant safety for everyone in church. I ask you to pray for the safety of the ushers too, as they carry out this ministry every week.

Church direction 2014:
After receiving the feedback from the congregation, the Session has gone through it and we will cover 5 major areas using Acts 2: 42: "doctrine, fellowship, prayer, worship and evangelism" as the guideline for the direction of our church.

Pray for the Session and heads of department as they meet together to consider this matter on Saturday 11 January. It will be a Leader's Retreat in church for the Saturday afternoon. Pray for clear direction from the Lord and how we can discuss things that would bring edification and honour to our Lord and His Church.

Succession plan for Pastor:
This is an earnest matter to pray over. We are giving it a five year plan now as we look for the appropriate person.

Our first priority is to get someone of the same conviction and from a B-P background. Best of all, if we can get someone from amongst us in Grace church. Not an impossible task if the Lord chooses the person.

We are committed to making sure the candidate accepts the B-P distinctive 100%. Pastoral candidates are most difficult to locate, it seems. Not many full-timers want to be a Pastor. Please pray as we wait upon the Lord.

Pray for the Pastoral Search Committee: Rev Tan Eng Boo, Rev Lee Fatt Ping, Elder Seah Soon Huat, Deacon Victor Goh and Bro. Philip Wong.

Missions in 2014:
We are looking into the possibility of adopting a mission field in Myanmar next year. Bro Gerald Pang and Sis Hannah Yeo have seen the work of Rev Andrew Kam. Please pray for the Lord's leading as the Missions Committee had a discussion on this matter on Sunday 29 December and will give a recommendation to the Session.

We are keeping our options open as we may consider the Philippines, an English speaking nation, where we can minister easily to the people.

Filadelfia B-P Church has been able to finance their own ministry for the past few years. We do not regularly support them financially now. Rev Lee Fatt Ping and I, with other Pastors go there regularly to conduct the Lord's Supper (3rd Sunday). Pray for them as they have been searching for a Pastor for several years now. This is not an easy task.